Using QuickPlan on the iOS devices.

If the iCloud Drive has been enabled for QuickPlan, the "project files stored on the device" and the "project files stored on iCloud Drive" are displayed separately.

  • Directly open the project file on the iCloud Drive.

    QuickPlan supports to open the project file on the iCloud Drive directly, and the changes to the opened project will be saved and sync to other devices via the iCloud.
    File synchronization is coordinated only by the iOS system - the sync completion time is up to the network situation and iOS coordination. Please pay attention to the last updated date of the project file, to make sure iOS has completed sync the file to this device before you open it.
  • Copy a project file from iCloud Drive to Device.

    QuickPlan supports to COPY project file from iCloud Drive to the device. The copied project on the device shows as a tile in the specific group.
  • Copy a project file from Device to iCloud Drive.

    We can open a project on the device, and copy it to the iCloud Drive. There is an option if need to replace an existing project file on the iCloud Drive, or to create a new project file on the iCloud Drive.

Our practice for editing the important project file on the iCloud drive is to copy the file to the device first, after changed and CHECKED the copied project, then copy back to iCloud Drive (to replace the old one) - to avoid incorrect updating be sync to other devices before we realized when directly change the iCloud Drive project file.

Using QuickPlan on the Mac

After installing “QuickPlan for macOS” from the Mac App Store, the macOS will create an iCloud Drive folder for QuickPlan, and files in the folder will be sync automatically to all the devices with the same iCloud account, controlled by iOS and macOS. Please pay attention, QuickPlan app has no permission to create and modify the "QuickPlan" folder in the iCloud folder.

QuickPlan supports to access the .qpp file in the QuickPlan iCloud Drive folder directly, and the changed data will be sync to other devices automatically

Our practice is to use a working folder as a bridge to the iCloud Drive folder. Before copying changed files from working folder to iCloud Drive folder, we have the chance to check it – so if we make a big mistake to the files in the working folder, the error would not be automatically transferred to other devices before we realize it.

  • Copy a project file from QuickPlan iCloud Drive directory to another directory before editing. For example of creating a new directory with the name “working space” out of iCloud Drive directory and copy the project file to the “working space” directory (And check the project modified date to make sure the project file sync completed if another device has changed it).
  • Open the copied project file (in “working space” directory)
  • After saved and checked, replace the project file on the QuickPlan iCloud Drive directory using the updated file in “working space” directory.


The file transferring is controlled by the iOS and macOS system, and the app has no control on when and how the project files will be transferred among devices. Most of the time, iCloud Drive works well, and the file sync is speedy. However, if you find the changes are not synced as expected.

  • Please make sure the SAME iCloud account is used on multiple devices, and the iCloud has been enabled with iCloud Drive option be checked in the iOS setting.
  • To check if the project files synchronization completed, please check the project files in the "Files" app (developed by Apple) on the iOS device.


Some users may expect to edit the same project (open from iCloud Drive directly) on multiple devices at SAME time, and the changes will be reflected on other devices automatically – editing the same project on multiple devices at the SAME time is impossible via iCloud Drive

Because tasks in project schedule are in a TREE structure, there are tight relationships (parent-child, link, properties) between the tasks, editing two or more items at the same time will cause severe logic problems. Following are some cases which will cause logic problems when operating on two devices at the same time:

  • (DEVICE A) Add a task to a task group; (DEVICE B) The same task group is being removed.
  • (DEVICE A) Assign a project member to a task; (DEVICE B) The project member is being removed from project resources.
  • (DEVICE A) Move a task to change date; (DEVICE B) Move another task which is the successor of the being moved task on Device A.

Sync across team members?

Please check the article about team collaboration.