Today Widget and Local Notifications

Alarm the users with the in-processing tasks scheduled at today, via iOS Today Widget, iOS Local Notification, and inner app Today List

  • iOS Today Widget
  • iOS Local Notifications
  • Inner App Today List

Config "Today"

Select projects to config today list and local notifications

  • Config to select projects
  • Enable QuickPlan today widget - Swift down from any screen to bring up the notification center, then Tap on the “Edit” button to show all the available widgets.
  • Tap on the green ‘+’ button next to the QuickPlan to enable it
  • By default, the height of QuickPlan widget is minimum, please tap the “show more” button at right-top corner of the widget to change the widget height. There is an unknow issue that at the first time, tap the button does not take effect, please just tap the button again.
  • On iOS 10, you may need to restart your iOS device if the background of the widget is still in dark mode (another bug of iOS 10)