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Task Maintenance | QuickPlan

Outline, Gantt chart, and inspectors

Maintain tasks the way you want, in three views - an outline, a chart, and an inspector, with thoughtful gestures and keyboard shortcuts.

Panels Panels

Organize tasks into REAL groups and sub-projects.

QuickPlan is the only app that organizes tasks into real groups and subprojects, displays tasks in group frames, and supports moving all tasks at once.

real groups

Gesture-based task link maintenance

A more intuitive and faster way to maintain task links using gestures.

task link

Additional task fields

Taskbar color, task icon, task contact, and URL fields.


Copy and Paste


Divide task

Panels Panels Panels

Repeat task

Panels Panels Panels

Import tasks from other projects


Display in TREE, and in LIST with sorting and filtering supports

Besides displaying tasks in the TREE structure, QuickPlan supports the display of tasks in a LIST. Furthermore, QuickPlan offers some predefined quick lists, such as today's tasks in progress. In the list view, QuickPlan also supports sorting tasks and filtering tasks by resources.

Row height option

There is an option to toggle the row height of tasks to display more tasks on the screen.


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