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Project Schedule

What are we using the project schedule app to do?

(This article is NOT to explain what the project schedule is - this article is to describe how we select the suitable apps to manage our projects).

You are leading a team for a project (or you are leading yourself for a personal project).

Every day when the team members are in the office, they have a guide to know what to do today. For example, John knows his work is “Task 1” today. task 1

Moreover, if John can not complete “Task 1” by schedule, Joyce will not be able to execute “Task 3” tomorrow to follow the plan. task 2

If John can’t follow the schedule to complete “Task 1” by today, the project manager should (lead the team to) re-schedule the plan. After re-scheduled, when the team members are in the office tomorrow, the team has an updated reasonable schedule to follow. (We don’t mean the team needs to re-schedule every day, it’s up to the process your organization is using. And this is also another example of why we don’t recommend scheduling the tasks in a short duration. In essence, QuickPlan does not support hour duration).

The preceding example shows that a project schedule is a guideline for your team to execute the project. Doing work means effort and cost, and the accuracy should be balanced well. manage more ...

So you are scheduling the project by defining the tasks:

  • What to do
  • When to start, when to finish
  • Who do
  • Where and Why (Although they are not documented in the project schedule, we know)
  • How (the relationships with other tasks)
  • How much (the work, the cost)

Moreover, you are leading the team to make the schedule be always reality:

  • Executing the tasks
  • Track the progress of the tasks
  • Re-schedule
  • Communicating with the stakeholders

A roadmap is NOT a project schedule

Let’s guess the roadmap as following: roadmap

Do NOT use the project schedule app to manage product/business roadmap and high-level project plan, you can use the roadmap app (or MS Powerpoint, or a drawing app) to create the roadmap plan.


I have a project with years of duration, can I use QuickPlan to plan the project.


  • A Plan is NOT equal to a project schedule. QuickPlan is designed for the project schedule.
  • You can split the project into sub-projects or phases, create the roadmap plan, and high-level project plan first if needed.


My boss does not agree to split the project into sub-projects.


  • For your boss, it’s one project.
  • For you, this is about documentation.


I need a tool to manage all types of tasks for my project.


  • We don’t know if there is one app for your needs.

Do NOT use project schedule app to manage todo tasks

For example, a typical todo task: John, please send the finance report to the customer by the end of this week.

  • You don’t care about when John to start the work; you care when the task should be completed.
  • You don’t care about the details of the progress; you care if it’s closed or opened.
  • You don’t need to track the work, as the cost of the executing effort is very less.

The Calendar is NOT another type of project schedule

Compare Calendar with TODO, the calendar is more close to a project schedule. However, normally a calendar is not a project schedule. You may find that the calendar maintains fewer task aspects than the project schedule.

QuickPlan will not support to sync with calendar app.

  • Data will be lost as the information in the tasks of Calendar and Project schedule are not the same.
  • QuickPlan has no permission to (automatically) track the change of the calendar app.

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