What's New

Dark Mode on macOS 10.14

We can also set up the app's appearance to display separately from the system or to use the same settings as the system. At a later stage, the display of the content part of the project can also be set independently to provide us with more flexibility. (Setting the app appearance in the app preferences)

Following two examples to set the appearances be in different modes:

System appearance is dark mode, QuickPlan is in light mode.

System is in light mode, QuickPlan appearance is dark mode, Project Content is in light mode.

Simple Linked List

Same as the FS task link type, the "Simple Linked List" starts to support multiple predecessors and tasks. With this enhancement, there is no gap to convert between "Finish to Start" and "Simple Linked List" task link types


Preview the Image and CSV files after project exported

Enhancements for inserting task in outline panel

Text Editing enhancements in the outline panel

New Keyboard Shortcuts

Reveal project file in Finder

Option to hide Welcome window

Before version 3.0, after a project opened, the welcome window will hide automatically. Version 3.0 provides a new option to control if need to hide the welcome window after a project opened