Skip Non-Workdays?

For some projects, we need to plan all the tasks on the workdays only. For some other projects, such as a personal project, we may need to plan tasks on all the days no matter it's working or non-workdays.

Tap the project name displayed on the toolbar in an opened project window to edit project properties includes the project task date policy.

ONLY lay out tasks on Workdays

  • We can not schedule a task on non-workdays. The task start date and task finish date can't be on a non-workday.
  • When moving a task to change the task date, the count of workdays keeps being the same, and the duration may be different because duration is the count of all the days.
  • And the impacted tasks by links, their workdays also keep being the same.

Impacts & Practice

  • To enable the "ONLY lay out tasks on Workdays" option, all the existing tasks should be on the workdays. If there are some tasks in the project on non-workdays, we need to fix them first. The efficient way is to show all the "tasks scheduled on NON-Workday." You can find the menu by clicking the display style button on the toolbar.
  • Suppose the "ONLY lay out tasks on Workdays" is enabled. For a working-day, if any task whose start or finish date is on the day, we can't switch it to a non-workday when changing the project calendar.
  • The undo pool will reset. We will not be able to undo the operations we did before we changing this option.