QuickPlan for macOS supports to copy a whole task, and supports to copy a field of a task (one cell in the outline panel)

Whole Task Copy / Paste
  • Select a task, then press ⇧⌘ c ("SHIFT" + "COMMAND" + "c") keys to copy

  • Select another task, then press ⇧⌘ v("SHIFT" + "COMMAND" + "v") to paste as a new task below the selected task

  • QuickPlan supports to copy whole task to other project window. As the project calendar and project resource may be different in other projects, task resource will not be pasted

  • Pasted task (the created task) will be NEXT to the selected task, which will not be a child of the selected task.

Task Cell Copy / Paste
  • In outline panel, select a task cell (not need to double-click to edit the cell), then press ⌘ c ("COMMAND" + "c") keys to copy the active cell

  • Select a another cell of the SAME COLUMN, then press ⌘ v("COMMAND" + "v") to paste the copied cell content in the active cell

  • Cell copy / paste in same project window only

    (The date schedule policy, project team, calendar may be different in different projects, copying cells across multiple projects will confuse the users much)

  • Copy and Paste" task cell works for same task field only

    (Of course, we can’t copy the task resource to the start date)

  • CName, Notes, Start Date, % Comp, %Work Comp, Resource, Contact and Icon fields support copying.

    (Why other fields can't be copied? Give an example, the labor cost of a task is automatic, the result is 30$, if paste to other task, the app does not know what you want to do - is to change the cost to fix as 30$ or to change the cost be automatic?)

  • When a cell is being edited, copying content does not work

    (Click a active cell, or type "enter", the active cell will be in editing status, now the copy&paste is controlled by the text input box only))