Outline List acts like a grid
  • ← → ↑ ↓ ("left", "right", "up", "down") keys to change the active row and the active cell
  • ("return") key to edit the active cell of the selected task;
    Click a cell on the active row to edit;
    Double-click on any cell to edit it directly (If double-click the WBS or Sequence No column, the updating panel will show for editing all the properties together).
    Esc key to stop editing the active cell.
  • ⌘⌥ ("Command" + "Alt") + or or or keys to change the active cell AND keep editing the new active cell
  • The title and visibility of the task columns are customizable - Double-click a column header, or right-click on a column header
  • Copy / Paste task cell - ⌘C ("Command" + "C") to Copy; ⌘V ("Command" + "V") to Paste

    ( These shortcuts are for CELL operation. For WHOLE TASK, ⇧⌘C is to Copy, and ⇧⌘V is to Paste)