Manullay Project Backup

QuickPlan supports to manually backup a project (stored on the device).

And the backup file can be accessed in the iOS Files app (iOS Files App -> My iPad -> QuickPlan -> Backup). We stronly suggest to copy the backup files to other devices or 3rd cloud storage.

Multiple copies for the important projects

  • Copy to the iCloud Drive.
  • Duplicate to another project on the device.

A project is a file with the file extension "QPP." QuickPlan follows the latest best practices and has the highest privacy standards because it is not server-based. QuickPlan is a very privacy-focused app. We (SwiftApp) have no server to store the project files generated by the users. User-generated projects are stored directly on the device or the users' cloud storage at the user's discretion. Please check out the details about data safty practice