A project is a file with the file extension "QPP." QuickPlan follows the latest best practices and has the highest privacy standards because it is not server-based. QuickPlan is a very privacy-focused app. We (SwiftApp) have no server to store the project files generated by the users. User-generated projects are stored directly on the device or the users' cloud storage at the user's discretion.

In this document, sharing a project is to copy a project file (with .qpp extension) from the QuickPlan app on one device to the QuickPlan app on another device, the project files on different devices are separated. If what you are requesting is different, please check out the details about the conceptual differences in our documents.

  • Export the project to a .qpp file.
  • Transfer the .qpp file to other devices via Box.com.
  • Import into QuickPlan on other devices.
Export the project to a .qpp file

QuickPlan provides the options to export the whole project and part of the project. The partial project includes the tasks with the specific project members assigned, which is a suitable way to work with your team members.

Transfer to other devices

After a .qpp file generated, the system document interaction panel shows. Please tap the "Copy to Drive" action to upload project file to Box.com.

If we have installed the Box app on the device, but the Box action is not in the actions list, please enable it.

Import into QuickPlan on other devices

After the .qpp be transferred to another device, we can import the .qpp file into the QuickPlan app.

  • "Copy to QuickPlan" from Box app:

    Navigate to open a .qpp file (tap on the file) in the Box app.

    Tap the export button, and open in the QuickPlan app.

  • Import inner QuickPlan app.

    Then navigate to select a .qpp file; the project will be imported into QuickPlan.

    More about importing via iOS Files app.