Today Widget and Local Notifications

QuickPlan "Today" enables you to track today's in-processing tasks in the App Welcome View and the iOS Notification Center with daily notification.

  • iOS Today Widget.
  • iOS Local Notifications.
  • Today Task List in App.

Configure "Today"

Select projects you like to track in "Today", and enable the today widget in the notification center.

  • Select projects for "Today".
  • Enable QuickPlan today widget - Swift down from any screen to bring up the notification center, then Tap on the "Edit" button to show all the available widgets.
  • Tap on the green ‘+’ button next to the QuickPlan to enable it
  • By default, the height of the QuickPlan today widget is minimum. Please tap the "show more" button on the widget.

Local Notification

If this feature enabled, the iOS would send a notification to brief today's tasks at the time you set.

  • Maximum one notification per day to summarize the today's in-processing tasks.
  • Notifications will be sent two months after the last time the app opened.